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Newly Launched

Don't Quit
Your Day Job

Don’t Quit Your Day Job presents the six empowering, essential mindshifts necessary to rise and thrive in your career—and to love your life at the same time. Learn the attitudes and actions used by those who successfully navigate today’s work challenges, with advice that will help you apply their strategies in your own day-to-day worklife.

“Aliza Knox proves that mindset, not just passion, drives career success.”

Kim Scott, bestselling author of Radical Candor

“So many people talk about work as a burden and about quitting their job. With good advice and practical steps to thrive and advance your career, Aliza Knox shows how you can make it work for you.”

Dr. Hans-Paul Buerkner,
Managing Director and Global Chair Emeritus,
Boston Consulting Group

In her new book, Aliza shares her experience in leading global businesses for some of the world’s most interesting, innovative companies—including Google, Twitter, and the Boston Consulting Group—and managing teams internationally. She also shares the stories of the many people she’s mentored across the globe, from recent college grads and mid-career professionals to leaders of Fortune 100 firms. With these examples, she’ll show you how to grow your value as an employee and leader. Learn how you can advance and thrive in your chosen career by following her advice and taking simple, practical steps for action—so you can get where you want to be and find happiness in both work and life.

All profits from Don't Quit Your Day Job will be donated to Vital Voices, a non-profit organization that works to elevate women’s leadership around the world and push for progress. 

Forbes Columnist

Aliza is a contributing columnist at Forbes, writing about rising and thriving in the corporate world .

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Aliza writes with a global view about business strategies. In a world where "remote workforce" defines more of us than ever before, she offers insight and wisdom as a leader who has been in charge of far-flung workforces for years.

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